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Group 2


Mint NFTs to access the game and all the advantages

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Play current hot titles on the market and earn $

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Take your online identity with you from game to game

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In game currency that can be transfered out of game to the blockchain

discover how paradox changes the game

Play your favorite games now in the Metaverse while earning actual cryptocurrency. Our play to earn model can be applied to almost any existing game

Advertisement Space

increase your community awareness along with your overall profit model by advertising within our Metaverse

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Use our tech

Implement our technology into your game and create your own monetization model

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Perform in the Metaverse

With Paradox Realm you are now able to perform all your music live in the Metaverse and stream it out to your audience on any platform like twitch or discord. We can also help onboard your entire audience to the Metaverse!

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Road Map

Monetize the players time, NOT the game - Our chaotic metaverse “Play to Earn” roaming player account model can be applied to almost any game

Q2 Gen 2 Limited Mint ON Solana Multichain Staking Launched With In-Games Rewards

Q2 Contracts Launched On SOL & BSC
LP Pairing Set For PARA / WBNB On BSC

Q2 Open Beta Gameplay And P2E Model
Launched With Multichain Access & Rewards

Q3 Closed Beta Testing Of Expanded Library Of P2E Games
Expanded API & Database Injection Testing

Q3 Monetize Partners Games Expand Partner Add & Revenue Model Begin DAO Constitution & Construction

Get paid to play your favorite games

The Solana Mint (Gen 2)

Earn money with advertisement in our game - show Billboards, Slideshow etc in


How to use your NFT

Earn money with advertisement in our game - show Billboards, Slideshow etc in


Work in the Metaverse 

Earn money with advertisement in our game - show Billboards, Slideshow etc in

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The PARA Token

will be paired (at a conversion rate) with the stable coin within the game. The PARA Token will be separate from the simulated tokens we create inside the game for partners. There will be an infinite supply of PARA Tokens controlled by us inside the Paradox Realm game. Regular gameplay is used for character upkeep and not monetized, whereas special events are monetized. There will be a fixed supply of 1 billion PARA Tokens outside of the Paradox game on BSC. We will gradually decrease the amount of live BSC / PARA tokens that can be claimed in exchange for in-game currency as the game progresses and gains popularity in order not to dilute the supply of live PARA Tokens on the actual blockchain. We will use a series of API bots to read from the database inside our games designed to trigger transactions outside the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to release or pay out live PARA Tokens to game players who are redeeming their in-game rewards in the real world.

We will also create a small liquidity pool for PARA tokens to be paired against WBNB. This allows us to use outside oracles to call the price of our PARA Token. We will encourage the community to contribute to this liquidity pool. The sole purpose of this liquidity pool will be to allow pre-existing oracles to pull prices for us to be able to read (for our own distribution purposes) the amount of PARA tokens players are cashing out in the real world.

Add Revenue

A portion of the ad revenue from advertising with the game will be redistributed to the registered wallets containing at least (2) or more NFTs during the “snapshot”. This proportional share will increase according to the amount of NFTs the wallet holder processes at the time of the “snapshot”. This proportional add revenue is paid out monthly directly to the original registered (staking) wallet.

Liquidity Pools

Initial LPs will be started by Paradox Realm on the Binance Smart Chain. Paradox Realm will use approximately 5% of the mint funds to be converted from Solana (SOL) to WBNB to be used to set the initial liquidity pool. The pool will also be continually fed by customers who purchase in-game currency through the Paradox Realm user dashboard, whereas 50% of all incoming transactions will be sent to the initial liquidity pool. The general public and or Paradox Realm players will also receive incentives to contribute to this liquidity pool by showing proof of LP token in the user dashboard and receiving in-game currency XPARA in addition to standard LP rewards.

Para Created

1 billion

Initial price for PARA

.01 usd


10M Market Cap

10% of total supply reserved for LP approx.

Marketplace loading

Multi-Chain Staking

Staking contracts will be set up at both and to:
Stake Cobalt & earn XPARA
Stake Cobalt & earn PARA (BSC Token)
Stake Cobalt & earn PARA + XPARA (Extended Staking Contract)
Stake PARA & earn XPARA

Staking Cobalt (CBLT) on BSC to earn XPARA Tokens

10% of total supply of PARA reserved for staking (Stake CBLT To Earn PARA)

NFT Staking

10% of total supply reserved for airdrops to NFT holders / stakers (GEN 2 ONLY)
In this case the Solana wallet will be staking NFTs to receive PARA tokens to their BSC wallet
Each NFT in a registered wallet will be entitled to (X) number of PARA tokens per month. This is set by Paradox Realm permanent staff and community sentiment and will be adjusted accordingly.

Team & Partners

Paradox is the gaming sector of Cobalt Lend and has been developed over the past 16 months in cooperation with our many Partners in order to prove our Play to Earn concept. An extensive list of people have come together to bring Paradox Realm to reality.

Contact us

Are you interested in delving further into the Metaverse or our unique play to earn model? Maybe you just have a general question or comment for us, use the button below to get in touch with us.

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